Journal Entry 11: Joan Jet

I don’t know when it happened. Maybe it was when we signed our contracts. Maybe it was when we were sat beside each other during training. Maybe it was the first time we laughed until we cried because of a Youtube video. Was it the countless times we went to the rest room? Or the in-between laughters during a tiring day. Was it when you were so supportive of me during my kilig moments? You sucked at containing your kilig for me. Maybe that time you were there when I couldn’t help but cry. I guess it was also all the chikas we swore we wouldn’t tell anyone else. And when we finish each other’s thoughts and sentences. Maybe it was all these and all the litte things. I don’t know when it happened but I realized God gave me another best friend. I thought after college, when I get to the ‘real world’, I wouldn’t find another person I’d consider as a best friend but I did.

Thank you for making my adulting days less shitty. My heart aches at the thought of us parting ways. Huhuhuhu. You know naman how ma-drama I am. Happy Birthday, . Love you, girl! Gotchu always.


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