Journal Entry 008: Advice to My 15-year-old Self

At 15, you’re jamming to those Justin Bieber songs. You’re trying to learn instruments just so you could play his songs on them. You might have that crush on the school drummer. You sneak to read a chapter or two of your newly found fictional book while your teacher writes formulas. You were even certain you were going to be an ambassador.

My advice is to not stop what you’re doing. Keep jamming to your favorite songs. No, they might not be liked by all but at least you do and that’s the most important thing. It’s impacted your life and made a difference in you.

Do not stop what you’re doing. Yes, learn instruments. Learn everything and anything. Never stop learning. That’s what will shape you and open you to the world.

Do not stop what you’re doing. That drummer boy? Yes, he’s your inspiration. Continue finding inspiration on others but when your feelings are broken, don’t forget to have yourself as your inspiration. And also be an inspiration to others.

Do not stop what you’re doing. Your teacher called you out because your attention was on the book you were reading. And reading takes you to places. Know how to balance your time. When it’s time to study, you must. And when it’s time to read or go places, you also must.

Do not stop what you’re doing. You dreamed of being an ambassador. Keep that dream. In a few years time, you may land a job totally out of what you dreamed of but that’s the beauty of life. The mazes and uphill battles help you grow until you can reach your dreams. Don’t ever lose your dreams.


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