Journal Entry 005: Untitled

You dont belong here little girl.
You dont belong in confined spaces,
With Four walls surrounding you.
You dont belong in these kinds of places,
And do what you’re not supposed to do.

You dont deserve to spend hours sitting,
With a break as fast as a blink of an eye.
You dont deserve to feel as if youre nothing,
Reduced to a tiny spec floating in the sky.

You belong with the world little girl.
You belong in wide spaces,
Where your big heart can just shout.
You belong in your happy places,
See the world and go out and about.

You deserve to spend hours travelling,
With never wanting a break ’cause it’s what you love.
You deserve to feel everything,
From the crumbling of the ground to the stars shining above.

So run little girl, drop everything you’re doing.
Run as fast as you can till you catch up on your dreams.
Run until the darkness finally dims.
Run until you reach where your heart really wants to go.


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